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Building Bridges to Health 2018 - An Early Detection and Prevention Health Fair

Dear Participants of The Plumbers' Welfare Fund, Local 130, U.A.,

We are pleased to announce that you and your spouse have the opportunity to participate in one of the seven "Building Bridges to Health" fairs being offered on Saturdays (and 1 Sunday) during September, October, and November 2018, at no cost to you.  You are welcome to attend any location (Volo, Joliet, Elmhurst, Chicago, or Aurora, IL).  The Plumbers' Welfare Fund, Local 130 U.A. will host the event on Saturday, September 22, 2018 at Volo, Illinois.  The health fair starts at 7:00 a.m. and continues until 12:30 p.m.  You select which date and location is the most convenient for you!  All locations have free parking!  

In addition to a very comprehensive blood test, you can talk with a variety of medical professionals and update your immunizations.  This year we are also providing a basic carotid artery test.  These tests and procedures are available at no cost to you.

The tests you choose to have done are not meant to replace your Physician, but are meant to improve communication with your Physician at your next appointment.

We assure you that this program is completely confidential and is administered by an independent service provider, Interactive Health Solutions (IHS).  No one at the Plumbers' Welfare Fund, Local 130 U.A. will have access to your personal health information.  To get the best results from this initiative, we need your support and participation.  You can register and make your appointment for your blood test by going online to or by calling 1-800-840-6100.  When asked for your Fund Name select "Plumbers Local 130".  

To register for the free Stroke Detection Screening, please call 1-877-732-8258, appointments are required.  See flyers below for detailed information on all of the services being offered at all of the 2018 "Building Bridges to Health" fairs!

Health Fairs Fall 2018 9-7-2018

Stroke Detection Flyer

Plumbers Welfare Fund, Local 130, U.A

Plumbers’ Welfare Benefits
The Trustees of the Welfare Fund are pleased to provide Participants with one of the best health and welfare plans in the construction industry. The Welfare Fund provides for hospital room and board, surgical, and outpatient healthcare. Unlike many other plans, Participants and their eligible dependents are allowed to choose their own doctors. In addition this comprehensive plan provides benefits for dental and eye exams, as well as glasses, and coverage for prescription drugs.

Extensive Benefits
Established in 1950, the Welfare Fund continues to keep up with the changing medical coverage needs of today’s workers. In fact, the Trustees of the Welfare Fund have expanded the coverage to include areas such as Home Health Care, Pre-admission Hospital Testing and Wellness Benefits. In addition, a case management program assists Participants and their dependents on the issues and decisions arising from extensive, long-term treatment.

Effective January 1, 2017, employees are only required to accumulate 300 hours to earn Initial Eligibility and the Participant would become eligible for benefits on the 1st day of the following month after accumulating the 300 hours. The Participant would be eligible for the remainder of that Benefit Quarter, as well as the next Benefit Quarter. Afterwards, the Participant would need to work 250 hours in the Contribution Quarter in order to maintain eligibility under the corresponding Benefit Quarter.  

For more info, contact the Plumbers Welfare Fund Office at 312-226-4200.