Online Dues Payments

Online Membership Dues Payment

Pay your dues online!

Online Dues Payment

You can now pay your Window dues from the comfort of your home. No more unnecessary trips to the hall.

There are a few items to be aware of when using the new Online Dues Payment System.

  • You must register using your U.A. Card number as the ID and create a password. Write this password down somewhere you can find it again. You will need this password every time you pay your dues online.
  • Please use a valid email address when registering. Password resets, if needed, are delivered to this email address.
  • Online Balances are updated one business day after your payment. If you make a payment and then check your balance the same day, it will not have changed. If you click the History link, you can verify that your payment was made and registered. Do NOT make a second payment.

Click to get started > Local 130 Online Dues Payment System


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